Moped won t start just clicks. Almost all starter relays can be tested in the . Your input is to turn the ignition, to disable the engine kill switch, and to press the starter button. So when you hold the starter button down, the gears just spin without the engine turning over. 2 Electric scooter has limited power. Here is how to reset electric scooter using power button. Connect the red clamp to the positive (+) terminal on the car with the good battery. Here is the story. Once you’ve identified which problem you’re dealing with, then you can start to remedy it. On newer gasoline direct injection (GDI) systems, however, a NOID light is no help. Start a moped /scooter with remote control. 1 Inspect the throttle. May 17, 2010 at 5:21am. Raise the scooter and remove the battery. To load test the battery pack test its Voltage with the power switch off, and then while watching the Voltage level turn the power switch on and twist the throttle. See the Battery and Electrical Tech Tips. Solution: replace a new gasket or just toss the bad gasket away and screw carburetor back. The moment you kick – start your bike, the crankshaft is prompted to rotate, which pushes the piston against the piston head. Just don’t have power at switch. Solution: Try turning on the headlights or interior lights. 5 Causes of Starter Not Engaging. 4. Checking the Starter: If the scooter won't engage the starter when you press the button, it's probably due to a bad fuse, or problem with the actual starter motor. Want Answer 0. Crud may build up inside your starter, so gently tap the starter with the hammer and see if that takes care of the problem, it did for me. If no voltage, you probably have a pickup coil or TCI problem. I have a 1974 TC125. Know Carb may need rebuilt or replaced. Ask an assistant to turn the ignition key to the On position, but don't start the engine. Momentarily remove the fuel filler cap. The following is a list of signs that your starter motor may be broken or starting to fail. If it’s lower than 12. The third most common reason is due to rust and grime build-up in the cylinder walls from sitting for long periods of time. If that still doesn't work try running the hot lead (positive) directly to the stud on the starter. I recently drained the gas tank, filled it with premium, fully cleaned the carb including all jets and passages. it forces open a diaphram that letys the petrol out flowing into the carb. Rickyval. How to Check a Multiport Fuel Injection System. No flashes from the injector circuit when cranking the engine; would tell you the (PCM) is not pulsing the injectors. Some of those electrical systems really abuse the battery by overcharging it and you won't get much life out of one. Apr 10, 2011 at 12:37pm. It won’t crank at switch But will jump start and kick start. Pull the other car close to your car and open both hoods. If the bike doesn't crank, we need to determine if the solenoid is working. Hello , New to the forum, Just a quick reply to the question, my 02 did the same thing, so when in doubt use a hammer. Clean or replace it if it's dirty. inside the carb is a bowl, the petrol flows into this via a pipe but has . My problems started happening at around 300 miles. Determine how frequently you charge the batteries in comparison to how often you use the scooter. Turn on the jump pack, depress the left brake lever and press the scooter’s starter button to engage the electric starter on your scooter. Click No-Crank: The solenoid clicks but the starter doesn’t crank. If that simple fix doesn’t work, it’s time to take your scooter to a technician who will be able to locate/replace problem spots in the wiring! 8. You can measure some resistances by pulling the plugs off the TCI unit. I have a TaoTao 50 with 1300Kilometers. Thought that it should have at least started while connected to the charger. Karma : Posted: 18:52 - 05 Dec 2012 Post subject: One click every time you press the starter button or lots of clicking like something is spinning. Afterwards, it started right off again and he drove it a couple miles to a friends house and stopped it. sounds kind of like holding the trigger of a drill down. The 2-3 second delay is a safety feature designed so that if the throttle paddle is accidentally bumped or squeezed perhaps while the customer getting onto the scooter, that the scooter will not . With the good battery in the scooter, use a screwdriver and jump the two big leads on the solenoid. If you have time, allow the motorcycle to sit until everything evaporates. (Refer to Pg 6 in Owners Why do I have to kick start my scooter? A kick – start basically brings your engine’s heart—that has been left idle for some time (since it was not being used at night)—back to life. , turn the key, make sure the bike is in neutral, etc. Welcome to TFP!! With the motor off (!) open the pump, remove the basket and reach into the back and try to turn the impeller, if it will turn the pump will probably work. Wont start makes clicking noise. Great Big Dawg. My son rode it to school for a summer camp where it sat for about an hour. It ran just fine if the RPM's were up, but if they lowered near idle, it would die. The first and most common reason is because of a dead battery. If it is one click, the relay is working but your battery is too flat to turn the engine over. If the starter turns the engine over, then the primary circuit of the solenoid is bad. Turn off the jump pack once the scooter starts running. (2) That there is no spark . Posts: 92. We just put it together on Monday and it ran fine yesterday morning. POCKET MOD Electric Scooter Troubleshooting Guide Issue Symptom(s) Troubleshoot Result(s) Possible Solution(s) Product Does Not Run Unit shut off while in use Lights on throttle do NOT light up Remove battery/motor cover & check fuse located next to battery Fuse burnt out Replace fuse and correct riding conditions. This is NOT the sound of a broken starter. When you are experiencing battery problems, the first culprit is your battery voltage, so you should check this first. I’ve also tried running a wire from the battery directly to the starter and all it . Bike in gear? (unless you can start with kickstand up and clutch pulled) said over 5 years ago. Ford and Chrysler products usually have a relay in the circuit. Next, turn the screw out two full turns (counter-clockwise). 2. The second reason could be due to a bad starter. I installed an equivalent battery new because the other didn't start the bike every time. Disconnect the black ground wire and red "starter" wire from the solenoid with a socket . If it clicks, it is probably good, if it doesn't click, it probably needs replacing. The solenoid bolts to the side of the starter motor and has two wires . A voltage of 12. Nov 3, 2016 #1 Hello, my 09 bonnie won't turn on every morning. Clutch pulled in? (unless you can start in neutral with clutch lever out) 3. ! Determine when the batteries were last charged. This turning is translated to the engine, which turns as if it were running (aka “cranking the engine”). It will crank when you pull start it also. I got it for free, the guy says it works. To paste a short story long: I called out the AA Recovery. Take the jumper cables and first connect the red clamp, to the positive (+) battery terminal on the car that’s dead. Have to kill switch on the . Oct 31, 2008 02:17PM. Last Edit: Apr 10, 2011 at 4:33am by tomcas. I got a brand new moped I bought, it is the WOLF RX-50 2018 White Version. Post by smoothj912 onAug 12, 2011 at 4:32pm. (Refer to Pg 6 in Owners Step 1. It is a 4 stroke 50cc engine. 6 volts (green) shows 100% charge. tao tao gy6 50 won't start "SOLVED". If you find this v. Thanks for all your help. 3. My 2007 Honda foreman wont start and makes a clicking noise at the cylinoid. I just got a 2008 mp150b scooter. Confirm that the battery charger is not connected to the scooter. . the biggest failure is the disc motors. that click click is the laser trying to focus and it is hitting the disc. The kill switch on the handlebars might be the culprit too, if you bumped it during start up. You should be able to start and operate the scooter with this setting. Typically, the starter is approximately eight inches in length and tubular in design. This is the factory setting. I definitely recommend using test leads with alligator clips on the ends. If the seat is not designed with a quick-release latch, remove the mounting bolts with a socket wrench. A wet plug indicates two things: (1) That you’ve flooded the engine by trying to start it, or that the lower end is loaded up (because you left the gas petcock on). Check the gasket between the carburetor and intake manifold. 2 Troubleshooting the throttle. For motorcycles with fuel valves (read: non-fuel injected models), having the setting in the wrong place can keep your bike from starting up. Ensure the Fuel Valve is Set to “On”. Don't turn it in tight, just until it stops. If you use your scooter on a daily basis, you should charge the batteries every day for 8-14 hours. Good, it's probably not your starter if the clicking is coming from the solenoid. I just purchased a 1997 Electra Glide. If the engine cranks vigorously, you're ok, if not, find out why - fuses, connections, switches, battery condition - and correct the situation before continuing. If so, you don't have a dead battery, but if they go out the battery is suspect. You’d be surprised how often the solution to an ATV that won’t start is forgetting to turn on the kill switch. I just recently picked up an 85' Honda Spree with 4500 miles on it. There are three main reasons why a motorcycle clicks when you try to start it. Everything seems to be original and stock on it. The engine should turn over and start the vehicle. Make sure gas is not over rich with too much 2 cycle oil. Release button after bike starts. Solenoid, battery, and starter testing and replacement video. Also, if your ATV has a tether pull cord style kill switch, make sure it is connected properly. Problem 1. 2volts. It would start run fine when I take off it would start slow then die crank right back up take off then die again. Battery charge and connections (if the bike's lighting is dead or dims when starter is pushed) 2. Another one of the fuel issues to check when your motorcycle won’t start is flooding. I have noticed weather or not the battery is new, charged, sitting for 1 day or for 5 weeks, the bike starts only when it feels like starting. Even if the scooter has not been in use, the batteries should be charged once a week for 12-14 hours. Turn off the scooter and wait for about 5 minutes. Sometimes the gasket is bad and caused leak. The best way to un-flood an engine is by removing the spark plugs, turning the choke off, and turning your motor over to drain all the excess gas. Problem 2 (new) when I go to start it it just clicks which is the relay but starter never turns over. Locate the starter motor under the vehicle. 2 Check the battery and charger. This causes the components of the scooter to react and attempt to . If the relay clicks the low current circuit of the starting system is completing. Hey everyone. Attach the first jumper wire to the positive inside the wire clip from the motor and the same for the negative wire coming from the motor. Now turn the key and get the bike ready to start (do not actually start the bike, just take the usual steps you would before starting; i. If that's a no go then you have problems with either the starter or Bendix/clutch. Turn off everything in both cars, including radio and vents. If it turns but continues to hum, gently tap the motor with a hammer handle and see if it doesn't free up. one is for the petrol (top pipe) one is one for the vacuum, (caused by air being drawn into the engine where this pipe joins. 4 Electric scooter accelerates but fails to stop. When the motor cranks 180 degrees, the pickup coil signal turns the voltage back on, so you might have to crank the motor briefly to measure this voltage. Just the start or any ideals on . > > > > - AIR - FUEL - SPARK - < < < < AIR The easiest place to start is with the air filter. When 2 stroke engine troubleshooting and the engine is flooded, you want to spin the engine over fast with the throttle wide open several times. If the solenoid isn't the source of the click, tracing the sound should take you to the relay on those models. Now it just clicks and turns and the motor wont turn . 2 your scooter will not start, you will only hear a clicking sound. It wouldn't Idle, so I kept it running. When it cranks for few sec,the kill switch will kill it. The third most common but less likely reason the motorcycle is clicking could be due to a seized engine. You turn the key and hear a clicking sound or nothing at all. Just clicks once Locate the starter relay. I have Ice Bear 150 c Trike. Clicking Sound. Once you have it running, you can fine tune. Check for fuel restrictions. For all issues, the initial troubleshooting is the same: you start with the batteries. Remove any . A good-working 50cc engine will be easy to kick-start. Low battery voltage. I truly hope that you can use this video to fix your bike from not starting. Reply. Changed fuel lines and back lines with new gas. In this case, you'll want to inspect the fuses next to the relay or CDI. 8. It always starts within 8 hours of being shut off though. Clicking this will make more experts see the question . As a result, you may have to remove the spark . The Solution: First, check any accessible wires to make sure they haven’t come loose. 3 indicates about 50% charge. #16 · Sep 8, 2011. The scooter should move. So far it definitely does not. I put it on the bike, kicked it over, grabbed once. Starter won't Turn over, Solenoid just clicks. Locate the wires from the motor and disconnect them from the controller. Technical Advice. • Dead battery- to consider a battery ‘charged,’ it must have 12. Attempt to start the engine and listen to the starter relay. Clean air filter: Remove fuel line on carburetor and check for fuel flow. Idles for a few seconds and dies. curtgy650taotao. Make sure the kill switch is on the on position. 1 How to FIX: Electric scooter throttle not working. Remove the negative and positive cables of the jump pack from your scooter's battery. You should be able to hear the solenoid click when you press the start button, if you've checked everything above. A voltage around 11. sometimes banging on it lightly while it is focusing will get . Place your electric scooter on a level, flat surface. It's not turning the engine over to crank it. Check to see that the engine turns over, and has compression. Empty spinning. Getting a new battery fixed the issue instantaneously. Step 2. Make sure the screw is always re-tightened securely. Battery was old and not enough voltage to engage the starter, even while placing the old battery on a charger overnight. The battery powers the starter, and if it is not working, the starter will fail to engage completely. (had to push it 2 miles up hill home). As your assistant turns the key, listen closely through the filler neck of the fuel tank. Make sure the fuel valve is turned to the “on” position and be patient for a few seconds until the carburetor float bowls fill. Disconnect the large red (positive) power cable from the motor using a socket wrench. The graph below shows a state of charge estimation on a battery at rest - not under any load. Joined: 06 Jan 2008. You should start to hear it pop, just keep pulling or kicking and holding it wide open until it starts, then rev the engine a bit to clean it out and keep it running, then warm it up properly. Again, this symptom (multiple and rapid clicking sounds and the engine won’t turn over or start) can be caused by a weak battery or loose battery terminals. 14 Posts. No-Click No-Crank: The solenoid doesn’t click and the starter doesn’t crank. 3 Electric Scooter is on but not running. We have a brand new Tao Tao Moped. I was driving it just fine one day, and the next was off. Get two insulated wires and cut them approximately 6-8 inches long. Posted by Mario Vidal on Aug 16, 2013. First, make sure the fuel pump is working. Press the ‘reset’ button to switch it on again. Locate the starter relay. I have never worked on a dirtbike before. Hello, First post and a Noob to Scoots, but not mechanics. It used to just lose all power when driving normally, turn off when stopped. Click to see full answer. The next time he went to start it, it would not start. coming from. If the injectors appear to be working, but the engine will not start; the engine may be flooded. My scooter wont start just cliks on motor stataret rely. Moped won't Start Just Click When you try to start your moped, and there’s a clicking noise, there are three reasons why this may happen. Start date Nov 3, 2016; rainegaming moped. You can read The Drive’s How To Lift a Car . 7 volts, the ignition will no longer fire. This could be an indication that either your starter motor is going or that your battery is dead. The solenoid ramps up the power given to it and that power causes the starter motor to turn very quickly. To refill the bowl just pull the vacuum control hose off the manifold and suck on the end of the hose for a few seconds. Replace the battery cover, reinstall the screws using a . Pop the hood and disconnect the battery terminals. If you twist the key and you hear the starter motor cranking but the engine won’t start, then this is not the sound of a bad starter. For your scooter to start successfully with an electric starter, your scooter needs to activate the components in the right order after receiving the correct input from you. 1. Remove the seat from your scooter and locate the starter. Show activity on this post. If it turns, make sure the kill switch is "off" so you do not get a shock from the coil wire, and put your finger over the spark plug hole firmly enough to get a good seal. Locate the engine’s starter motor using your dusty manual or a quick Google search. If the fuses are good, the problem is most likely with the starter and you'll have to order a new one to replace. On the remote control, press the lightning bolt twice and hold. If you're kicking a 2 stroke to death, or running the battery down repeatedly and swapping spark plugs but the dirt bike won't start, or is extremely hard to start and the bike has a reed block, the reeds may be in a less than ideal condition, as the reed petals do get worn on 2 strokes which results in the petals becoming flayed, broken, chipped, split, cracked . Battery terminal voltage of 12. You can try recharging it, but I suspect you need to replace the battery again. I’ve tried by passing it by touching a screw driver to the beg and pos post on the cylinoid but all it does it create a spark. ) This step can get kind of tricky if you've only got one set of hands. Essentially, the starter DOES spin, which in turn spins the bigger gears, but the reaction is the same. Make sure the kill switch/run switch is in the “ON” or “RUN” position. That type of clicking controller problem is usually caused by an old or worn out battery pack that drops too much Voltage under load. If it clicks, but doesn't crank when you short the terminals, skip to . Post by dhawk onJul 9, 2008 at 1:37pm. Wisdom Regarding Reed Valves. 7 shows battery only charged to 10% of full capacity. If you hear a clicking sound from the starter motor while turning the ignition, you should have the starter checked immediately. Somewhere not far below 11. Potentiometer. scootnewbhouston. If it comes from the starter, your problem is in the solenoid. You might check the tightness of the battery terminals -- I prefer a 10mm socket wrench to a Phillips screwdriver to make sure they're tight. Moreover, what would cause a scooter not to start? Check the Engine Ignition and Fuel System: In most cases, the problem with a scooter not starting but with power is caused by an issue with the engine; either a bad spark plug wire, bad plug or a fuel system problem. Squeeze and hold that throttle paddle for 2-3 seconds. The electric scooter reset button is placed on the left of the battery box. Only show this user. I ordered a kickstart, because it was missing. Back to top. 1 Electric scooter has no power. The engine should turn over and start. Now when I drive it I have to "blip" the throttle to keep it alive otherwise it will . e. Clean filter on tank valve. How a motorcycle engine becomes seized: The first and most common reason a motorcycle engine seizes is because of the lack of lubrication. I think I'll have to open the pump up. To do this, remove the spark plug and try to turn the engine over with the starter. Charge your car battery fully, and you can even try to replace the . the vacuum tap is under the petrol tank with two pipes leading off it. The starter relay should click. A weak connection can restrict current to the starter solenoid causing symptoms similar to a flat battery. If you're 100% sure the battery is fine then check for a loose connector on the battery or earth strap to the frame. they are very tiny motors and if they do not spin fast enough,the laser can not get the info it needs. This clicking sound is also a symptom of a weak battery, but this also means that the starter solenoid is not sending the right amount of current to the starter motor when you turn the key. Start by turning this screw in (clockwise) until it stops. The second reason is due to old or dirty oil. Please check your user manual for proper oil:fuel ratio. SOURCE: disc loads, makes click click sound then message no disc. source. c) Flooding. Posts: 31. Kickstand up? (unless you can start in neutral with it down) 4. The scooter has a tough time starting, even if it has been sitting for an hour or so. Make sure the carburetor and the intake manifold are tightly secured to the engine. Start a moped/scooter with kick start. Constant "quick clicking sound" even while still hooked to the charger and trying to start it. To restart the engine, I had to give it full . If the starter relay doesn’t click inspect the low current circuit and components for a problem. If engine still does not start, proceed to step #8. Cost me 120 off ebay, rippoff but whatever. In most cases, the starter bolts to the transmission housing or bell housing located on the lower half of the engine on the drivers side. If you have a helper turn the ignition key to start, you'll be able to trace the underhood click. . The key turn completes a small circuit that tells the battery to release power to the starter solenoid.

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